You can make a change in the life of one trans BIPOC today. Volunteer now!

Your help is needed more than ever as many black trans and non-binary people to turn to Black Trans Alliance for support with everyday living:  Food, Rent

Bills (utility, mobile, medical)


About us

Advocacy for TRANS BIPOC  rights and needs within wider systems and services

Promoting improved ‘social health’ and sobriety within the TRANS Community

Develop relationships with services to strengthen support for the BIPOC Community

Share our knowledge to educate others on the unique & complex needs of TRANS BIPOC people

At PRIDEFUL ECHOES COALITION, we uplift stories and amplify voices that for too long have gone unheard. Our platform centres black trans and non-binary narratives, bringing marginalised experiences out of the shadows. More than visibility, we take action to support and empower our community through policy campaigns, mental health resources, leadership development and more.

As a black queer and trans-led organisation, we embrace the power of representation while building programs directed by those with lived experience. The future we seek is one defined on our own terms, with equity and justice.

While the road ahead remains long, every hour volunteered, dollar donated and voice raised gets us closer. This work simply would not be possible without the solidarity of allies and accomplices from all walks of life. When you stand with Black Trans Alliance, you stand on the right side of history. Together, we can transform society so all people, regardless of identity, can thrive being their full, authentic selves.

"Our work would not be possible without your support"