About us

Championing the rights and addressing the unique needs of TRANS BIPOC individuals within broader systems and services

Hey there, let's talk about an essential matter – advocating for the rights and needs of TRANS BIPOC (Transgender Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) within our wider systems and services. This group faces a unique set of challenges that must be addressed to ensure equal opportunities and social justice for all.

Enhancing the overall 'social well-being' and promoting sobriety among the TRANS community in a more laid-back, relatable way

We believe everybody deserves to live their lives fully in a healthy environment, where they can grow and thrive. That said, we aim to foster improved social health within the TRANS community by encouraging better understanding of one another's journeys and promoting sobriety as an avenue toward achieving true happiness. Don't worry; we're keeping it casual and relatable here!

Building bridges with various services to bolster support for BIPOC communities – Because teamwork makes the dream work

You know what they say: "teamwork makes the dream work!" So let's team up with relevant services and organizations to strengthen our support for the BIPOC community. By developing strong relationships with these allies, we can create sustainable networks that contribute to real change.

Imparting our knowledge so others can better understand the distinctive, multifaceted needs of TRANS BIPOC individuals – No one gets left behind

It's crucial that we don't leave anyone behind when it comes to education on this subject. We want to share our collective knowledge on the unique struggles faced by TRANS BIPOC individuals with others. By doing so, we broaden people's understanding of this often misunderstood demographic – its rich history, cultural significance, and exceptional contributions to society.

Remember, change starts with communication, empathy, collaboration, and understanding. Together we can make a difference as allies in this essential movement for TRANS BIPOC rights and needs. So let's join hands and march forward, championing equality for all.

Alex Gilan